Carabineros Shrimp - U6 Wild - Frozen

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Considered the crown jewel of the shrimp world, Carabineros are known for the flavorful juice contained in their heads that's released upon cooking, adding a unique, robust seafood essence to any dish. Their brilliant red color is always a show stopper.

There are literally thousands of species of shrimp worldwide, adapted to a wide range of habitats, though only about 20 are commercially fished. Shrimp are high in protein, low in calories, improve the LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio and lower triglycerides. They lend themselves to recipes in all types of cuisines, delicious in everything from pastas and risottos, fajitas and tacos, jambalayas and paellas, curries, kung pao noodles, Pad thais and ramens, soups and gumbos, in bowls, salads, and as ceviche.

Extra large size, 8 shrimp per pound. One 2.5 lbs box. Origin: Spain