Extra Virgin Olive Oil Verde

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Maestri D’Olio Favolosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil Verde is made from young olives hand picked at the start of the harvesting season in September and October. The olives are ground into a paste, then pressed to extract the oil. No heat is involved in this process, hence the term “cold extracted” (or “cold pressed”).

Olives like hot weather, sunny unshaded positions, and calcareous, loamy soil - all of which are abundant on the hillsides of Southern Italy. Extra Virgin Olive Oil must abide by strict taste and smell standards, chemical makeup, low levels of acidity and certain ultraviolet light absorption factors. It is considered a healthy fat due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.  

With the perfect blend of grassy, fruity and peppery flavors, it is delicious over pasta, soup, grilled vegetables, steak, fish, poultry or enjoy as a dip for a good bread.

Pack size: 12/1 ltr