Mediterranean Illex Squid Calamari Rings - IQF

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Mediterranean Squid offer pure, tender white flesh and sweet natural flavor. These Illex Squid Calamari Rings are cleaned and already sliced. Popular preparations include breading then deep frying and in seafood soups and stews – either as the star or as a complementary ingredient.

Squid and Cuttlefish can be a bit tougher than an octopus, but the meat has a smoother texture, and when cooked right, is tender and firm. Cuttlefish has more flavor than squid, but not as pronounced as octopus. The meat of squid and cuttlefish easily soak up marinades and sauces and can be prepared in numerous ways. The key to getting a tender texture as opposed to a chewy one is by cooking hot and fast (grilling, sautéing, deep frying) or braising low and slow. Great for stews, paellas and risottos. These are low-calorie proteins, low in fat, high in iron and full of vitamins and minerals.

Two 2 lbs packs, 4 lbs total. Origin: Mediterranean Sea