Spanish Flower Octopus - Extra Large - 6.6 lbs - Frozen

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Harvested from the shores of Spain and Portugal, our Spanish Flower Octopus is supremely tender and easy to prepare. Enjoy it grilled, sauteed, boiled or roasted in the oven. A great addition to many seafood dishes or feature it center of the plate.

Octopus has a light taste that some compare to chicken or even pork. Octopus is best prepared by simmering it for 2-3 hours to get a it tender and buttery soft. You can then sear, broil or grill it to add a smoky dimension; it’s delicious on its own or in risottos and pastas. Octopus can also be served cold in seafood salads and ceviche. It is a low-calorie protein, low in fat, high in iron and full of vitamins and minerals

Extra large size, one 6.6 lbs package. Origin: Spain/Portugal