Tomahawk Ribeye Steak - 36 oz

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The Certified Peidmontese Tomahawk is a beautiful ribeye with great dramatic flair. Its delicious bone-in flavor offers juiciness in every beefy bite. Perfect for the plate (and Instagram), this offers an unforgettable eating experience that can serve one hungry person or several people.

The Piedmontese breed has a naturally occurring (inactive) myostatin gene. This produces cattle with especially heavy musculature yielding beef that: does not rely solely on fatty marbling for tenderness, is naturally lean with fewer calories, has less fat and more protein than other breeds, is supremely tender with rich beefy flavor. Incredibly healthy and incredibly delicious! Certified Piedmontese cattle are raised on family farms across the Great Plains where they roam on open rangelands and enjoy a natural diet. No added growth hormons, steroids or antibiotics.

Each steak is ~36 oz. Origin: Nebraska