Bomboloni Cream

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A soft, fluffy fried dough filled with pastry cream and rolled in sugar. (Frozen)

Also available:

Bomboloni Plain - A soft, fluffy fried dough rolled in sugar.

Bomboloni Cocoa Hazelnut - A soft, fluffy fried dough filled with cocoa hazelnut and rolled in sugar.

Tiramisu Cake Cup - A golden sponge cake saoked in rich espresso followed by a layer of smoot mascarpone cream and finished with a dusting of cocoa.

Since its humble beginnings in 1946 on the historic via Largo in Milan, Bindi has been providing delectable desserts for the foodservice industry. With an ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, Bindi baked goods please customers worldwide with their incredible deliciousness, beauty and variety.

24 servings/case, 3 lbs 11 oz total.

Mini Bomboloni Cream (bite size) 104 servings/case, 5 lbs 8 oz total.

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