Cornish Game Hen - Whole - 20-22 oz

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Whole Cornish Game Hens are most often roasted whole and benefit from the additional flavor imparted by stuffing them. Whole Cornish Game Hens also can be separated into small legs, thighs and breasts as you would cut up a conventional chicken. Pair with most ingredients typically used with chicken. No giblets included. Individually packed.

Cornish Hens are a special variety of young chicken that is bred to be the perfect single serving size. Easy to roast, they're juicy and tender. Cornish Hens also tend to be a bit more plump than conventional chickens which means they're less likely to dry out when roasting. They pair especially well with savory spices. 100% vegetarian diet, no antibiotics or hormones.

Sixteen 20-22 oz Birds, ~21 lbs total. Origin: South Carolina