Quail - Whole/Semi-Boneless - avg. 4.6 oz

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Semi-boneless Quail are flatter than whole Quail, so they can be stuffed, roasted, grilled or smoked more easily. Their torso bones and spine have been removed; as part of the deboning process, they've been butterflied (split down the back). Because they still contain wing and leg bones, they still maintain much of their shape for a great plate presentation. Skin on. Certified Halal.

Quail are small game birds with light colored, tender meat and a delicate, sweet flavor that's distinctively nutty. The Couturnix (or Common) breed is the one preferred by European chefs. Cage free, 100% vegetarian diet, no antibiotics or growth hormones. These quail have been air chilled which better preserves the bird's flavor, lets the meat absorb marinade better and is more environmentally friendly than the water chilling that is used for most poultry. Quail meat is enjoyed in a host of European, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisines, and pairs well with a variety of spices and flavors.

Twenty four quails, six 4-Bird packs, ~8 lbs total. Origin: Spain