Crushed Calabrian Diavoletti Hot Peppers

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Thanks to its rich soil, proximity to the water and nearly endless sun, the wild mountainous terrain of Calabria is renowned for its chili peppers. These Del Re Crushed Calabrian Diavoletti (Little Devils) Hot Peppers are no exception! Their heat delivers a slow, gorgeous burn on the finish, but they also pack full fruitiness and a nice wallop of acidity. These Peperoncino are salted to pull out water and mildly ferment them, washed in vinegar, then packed in sunflower oil and sea salt for optimal versatility. Wonderful on antipasti and charcuterie platters, sliced on pizzas, salads and paninis. Del Re Crushed Diavoletti Hot Peppers also pair well with soft mild cheeses, tomatoes, pork and dishes featuring pungent herbs. 200% Natural, No Preservatives, No GMOs.

The Del Re brand represents only the finest and most authentic Italian food products. Our exclusive selection of Del Re products are prepared in the finest Italian tradition, based on old family recipes, using only top quality ingredients. Together with the passion for delicious food and commitment to excellence, Del Re products are, truly, fit for a King.

Six 990 gr Jars, 13 lbs total. Origin: Calabria, Italy