Hot Calabrian Chili Flakes

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Thanks to its rich soil, proximity to the water and nearly endless sun, the wild mountainous terrain of Calabria is renowned for its chili peppers. Del Re Hot Calabrian Chili Flakes are no exception! This delightfully versatile seasoning balances spicy, fruity, smoky and salty flavors to uniquely contribute to or complement or many savory dishes. Del Re Hot Calabrian Chili Flakes add a deliciously warm kick to pizzas, pastas, stir-fries, vegetables, salad dressings and more! 100% Natural, No Preservatives, No GMOs.

The Del Re brand represents only the finest and most authentic Italian food products. Our exclusive selection of Del Re products are prepared in the finest Italian tradition, based on old family recipes, using only top quality ingredients. Together with the passion for delicious food and commitment to excellence, Del Re products are, truly, fit for a King.

Two 1.0 kg Tubs, 4.4 lbs total. Origin: Calabria, Italy