Guinea Fowl Whole - avg. 3 lbs

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Guinea Fowl can be roasted whole or cut into breast, legs, etc. Because they are so lean, they are often barded (wrapped in bacon or pancetta) or basted during the roasting process to keep them from drying out. For extra flavor and moisture, Guinea Fowl can be brined before cooking. Neck and liver included. Individually vacuum packed.

Originally from Africa, Guinea Fowl (aka Guinea Hens) are popular roasting birds in France and Italy. The slightly red meat is lean with a unique flavor reminiscent of pheasant, stronger than chicken and with some of the richness of duck. They have a 50/50 meat to bone ratio which is higher than many other poultry varieties. Humanely raised free-range on small family farms. 100% grain diet, no antibiotics or hormones. Air chilled for better flavor and marinade absorption.

Six ~3 lbs Birds, ~18 lbs total. Origin: North Carolina