Iberico Belly (Panceta) - avg. 5 lbs

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Iberico Pork Bellies are a flavorful, well marbled cut that becomes delicious and tender when braised or slow roasted. Braise ahead of time then sear portions to develop a crisp crust right before serving. This is an easy way to upgrade homemade roast pork belly and cracklings.

Iberico is a legendary Spanish breed of pig that produces meat with incredible flavor and succulent texture. It is considered the “wagyu of pork”, renowned for its ample marbling. Iberico pork is meltingly tender with a buttery richness and unmistakable sweet, savory, nutty flavor. Pasture-raised, free range on Spanish Dehesas with a natural diet, no growth hormones or antibiotics. Prepare as you would conventional pork but expect significantly greater taste sensations.

Four ~5 lbs Belly, ~20 lbs total. Origin: Spain