Squab - Whole/Partially Boned - 8-10 oz

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Partially Boned Squab (aka European Style Squab) has its torso bones removed, but the bird is still whole. Semi-Boneless Squab can be grilled more easily than Bone-In Squab and also is much easier to stuff. Pairs well with bold flavors and is often served with rice.

Yes, Squabs are young pigeons, but don't confuse them with the pesky birds pecking about on city streets. Pigeons raised for their meat are a different breed! One of the first domesticated birds, the practice of farm-raising squab has survived since antiquity because of these birds' delicious flavor. Squab meat is dark (closer to duck than chicken), very tender, high in protein and low in fat. 100% vegetarian and spring water diet. Antibiotic, chemical and hormone free.

Sixteen 8-10 oz birds, ~9 lbs total. Origin: South Carolina