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Tartufo is a 3/4 pound truffle salami seasoned with black truffle salt, minced Savini black truffles from Tuscany, and black Tellicherry pepper.

With the Nduja Artisans and Tempesta brands, the Fiasche family has been making salumi for the better part of 75 years. The majority of their pork products are made using 100% Heritage Berkshire Pork, humanely raised on family farms in the Midwest. The animals are never given antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones, and are always vegetarian-fed. Their chicken and beef products follow the same standards. All Tempesta and Nduja Artisans products are created with family traditions, "the old fashioned way", taking time to build flavor and love into each bite.

Sold by case of two 12 oz. Origin: USA