Calabrian Fennel Flower (Pollen)

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Del Re Fennel Pollen definitely lives up to the nickname “The Spice of Angels”! It is an incredibly powerful spice with notes of licorice, citrus and marshmallows — just a pinch can transform a dish. Del Re Fennel Pollen is harvested and produced in accordance with ancient Calabrian traditions making it all that much more special. Wonderful in pesto pastas, mixed with olive oil and brushed over bread, sprinkled on salads and vegetables, and with roasted pork and chicken. 100% Natural. No Preservatives. No GMOs. 

The Del Re brand represents only the finest and most authentic Italian food products. Our exclusive selection of Del Re products are prepared in the finest Italian tradition, based on old family recipes, using only top quality ingredients. Together with the passion for delicious food and commitment to excellence, Del Re products are, truly, fit for a King.

One 2.2 kg Package, 4.9 lbs total. Origin: Calabria, Italy