Dried Calabrian Oregano

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Del Re Dried Calabrian Oregano is full-bodied with a warm, slightly pungent flavor composed of earthy, green hay and minty notes. Distinctive on its own, its flavor also blends will with other savory herbs like Basil and Tarragon. Del Re Dried Oregano is perfect for all Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines. It works beautifully in tomato-centric recipes, like pizza and pasta sauces, olive oil based dishes and dressing, as marinades for lamb, chicken and beef dishes. 100% Natural, no Preservatives, No GMOs.Available as loose leaves (tub) or still on the stem with flowers (pack).

The Del Re brand represents only the finest and most authentic Italian food products. Our exclusive selection of Del Re products are prepared in the finest Italian tradition, based on old family recipes, using only top quality ingedients. Together with the passion for delicious food and commitment to excellence, Del Re products are, truly, fit for a King.

One 1.0 kg Tub, 2.2 lbs total OR Twenty 1.41 oz Jars, 1.76 lbs total. Origin: Calabria, Italy