Duck Magret Legs - avg. 14 oz

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Magret Duck Legs include the leg and thigh attached at the joint. They have more robust flavor than breasts, but need to be slow-cooked for tenderness. They can be roasted or braised in a flavorful liquid and served sweet, savory, tangy, smoked or spicy. The legs can also be slow-cooked in duck fat for a traditional duck confit. Confit can be used hot or cold for entrees, appetizers and salads, or turned into rillettes. Skin on, Bone-in.

Magret Ducks (aka Moulard) are the hybrid offspring of Pekin and Muscovy Ducks. They are larger cuts than Pekin Duck, with a much richer flavor and thick fat cover. Under the fat layer, they are actually on the lean side, so be sure not to overcook Magret Duck meat. These ducks have been air chilled which better preserves the bird's flavor, lets the meat absorb marinade better and is more environmentally friendly than the water chilling that is used for most poultry.

Twenty ~14 oz legs, ~18 lbs total. Origin: Quebec, Canada