Rabbit Hind Leg Quarters - avg. 6 oz

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Rabbit Hind Legs are the meatiest part of the animal and have a more robust flavor than other parts. They are best prepared using slow-cooking methods like slow-roasting, braising or stewing. Each leg quarter includes both the leg and the attached thigh.

Tender, juicy and relatively lean, rabbit is a classic game meat that has long been part of Italian, French and other European cuisines. Rabbit is all white meat, sometimes described as a cross between chicken and veal, so it is a good base to showcase many sauces. Grupo Hermi has been breeding, raising and producing top quality rabbits in Spain for over 40 years. All vegetarian fed, with no added hormones or antibiotics. Air chilled for superior flavor.

Sixty legs, Six 10-Leg packs. ~23 lbs total. Origin: Spain