Duck Pekin Leg Quarters - avg. 0.5 lb

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Pekin Duck Legs include the leg and thigh attached at the joint. They have more robust flavor than breasts, but need to be slow-cooked for tenderness. They can be roasted or braised in a flavorful liquid and served sweet, savory, tangy, smoked or spicy. The legs can also be slow-cooked in duck fat for a traditional duck confit. Confit can be used hot or cold for entrees, appetizers and salads, or turned into rillettes. Skin on, Bone-in.

Pekin Ducks (aka Long Island Ducklings) are the most common and well-known duck breed and the one most Americans think of when they think of duck meat. Pekin Duck meat tends to have milder flavor than Moulard or Muscovy duck. 100% vegetarian fed. No hormones or antibiotics.

Fifty leg quarters, five 10-Leg packs, ~25 lbs total. Origin: Quebec, Canada