Kurobuta Hindshanks (Hock and Skin Off) - 22 oz

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The portion of the back leg below the knee, Kurobuta Hindshanks are a tremendously flavorful bone-in cut. They should be slow cooked to become tender. The gelatin from the connective tissue and bone of the shank melts into the braising liquid, giving it body, smoothness and richness.

Kurobuta is 100% Berkshire, but not all 100% Berkshire can be called Kurobuta. Kurobuta Pork is the best of the best from 100% Berkshire Pork. We choose only from the 100% Berkshire hogs certified by the Heritage Berkshire Program. When the quality meets high standards, it then may be called "Kurobuta Pork."

Twenty four ~22 oz hindshanks, ~33 lbs total. Origin: Midwest Region, USA