Kurobuta Tenderloin - avg. 18 oz

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The tenderloin is one of the least active muscles on the pig. As a result, it the most tender cut of pork, and Kurobuta Tenderloins are even more tender than those found on conventional pigs. This is a very versatile cuts, with sweet, rich flavor, that works well with marinades and rubs. Sear, roast or grill the whole tenderloin, or slice into medallions and saute.

Kurobuta is 100% Berkshire, but not all 100% Berkshire can be called Kurobuta. Kurobuta Pork is the best of the best from 100% Berkshire Pork. We choose only from the 100% Berkshire hogs certified by the Heritage Berkshire Program. When the quality meets high standards, it then may be called "Kurobuta Pork."

Ten ~18 oz Tenderloin, ~14 lbs total. Origin: Midwest Region, USA