Venison Tenderloin - avg. 12 oz

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Venison Tenderloins can be roasted whole, sliced into medallions or finely minced for tartare. They are extremely tender, with a smooth, buttery texture, and pair well with sauces.

Venison (deer meat) is lean, naturally tender and darker in color than beef with a sweet, robust flavor. Farmed venison is much more tender than wild venison and without its intensely gamey flavor. Silver Fern Farms Venison is 100% grass-fed and finished, raised free range on massive New Zealand pastures; no antibiotics, growth hormones or GMOs. Extremely low levels of fat - significantly less than skinless chicken - and lower in cholesterol than beef or lamb, while being high in iron and zinc. Typically cooked to rare or medium rare.

Fourteen ~12 oz tenderloins, ~11 lbs total. Origin: New Zealand