Pasta di Gragnano

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Di Martino pasta is made with the selection of the best Italian durum wheat semolina, mixed with the pure spring water from the Forma River, bronze die extruded and slowly dried at a low temperature, as required by the Product Specification of PGI Gragnano Pasta. It contains a minimum of 14% proteins, which help create great firmness when cooking and increased digestibility.

Located on the extraordinary Sorrento Coast, the production plant is surrounded by the Lattari Mountains, characterized by a mild climate and the presence of sea breeze, creating particularly ideal conditions for the production of dry pasta. Guiseppe and Giovanna Di Martino are 3rd generation pasta makers, running the family business with the same passion and commitment as their grandfather over 100 years ago.

Available cuts: Bucatini - 24/500 gr, Fusilli Corti Cal Bucco - 12/1 lb, Linguine - 20/1 lb, Lumacone - 6/500 gr, Penne 6/1 lb