Alligator Sausage Smoked With Cajun Spices - 5.3 oz

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These unique Sausages are made from a Cajun-seasoned blend of Alligator meat and Pork stuffed in a natural casing then smoked. They are fully cooked so they just need to be reheated to the desired temperature. This can be done as whole links or in slices on the grill, in a frying pan, under the broiler or in gumbos, jambalaya and sauces.

Alligator is a Cajun and Creole classic. It tastes like a cross between frogs legs and chicken and its texture is a lot like veal. Alligator meat is flaky and white. It's extremely low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein and iron. As it is so lean, alligator meat is best either cooked very quickly (fried or seared) or slowly over low heat (stewing or braising). Offered Wild (September - November) or Farmed (Rest of the Year).

Thirty six 5.3 oz Links, ~12 lbs total. Origin: Louisiana