Ostrich Tenderloins - avg. 1.5 lbs

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Ostrich Tenderloins are tender and meaty and incredibly versatile! They can be broiled, braised, grilled, poached or fried. They can be roasted whole and sliced before serving, or cut into medallions, sauteed and served with a flavorful sauce. Because Ostrich is so lean, it will cook quickly and care should be taken not to overcook it.

With flavor and color more akin to grass-fed beef than chicken or turkey, Ostrich meat is a great heart-healthy alternative to red meat. It's low in fat and cholesterol (even lower than skinless chicken) and high in iron; the lower fat content means the meat cooks faster with less shrinkage. Cook Ostrich medium-rare to medium for optimum flavor.

Seven ~1.5 lbs Filets, ~11 lbs total. Origin: Canada