Alligator Tenderloin Tail Meat - avg. 5 lbs

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The Tenderloin is the most tender and most prized Alligator cut. It is cylindrical muscle from the tail's interior that runs next to the tailbone and the spinal column of the animal. It has an especially delicate flavor. It is typically seared, grilled, blackened or breaded and fried. It can also be tenderized, fried and served with a savory sauce and is delicious in gumbos and stews.

Alligator is a Cajun and Creole classic. It tastes like a cross between frogs legs and chicken and its texture is a lot like veal. Alligator meat is flaky and white. It's extremely low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein and iron. As it is so lean, alligator meat is best either cooked very quickly (fried or seared) or slowly over low heat (stewing or braising). Offered Wild (September - November) or Farmed (Rest of the Year).

Eight 5 lbs Sirloin Tails, ~40 lbs total. Origin: Louisiana