Pheasant Airline Breasts - 13-14 oz

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Airline Pheasant Breasts are skin-on breasts that have the largest wing bone (the drumette) left attached for a more elegant presentation. They can be prepared similarly to conventional chicken breasts as long as their lower fat content is noted. To help them keep from drying out they are often barded (wrapped in bacon or pancetta).

Pheasant is a delicious, elegant bird that has been a prime choice for banquets and royalty in Europe since its introduction from China in the Middle Ages. Their lean, tender meat is similar to chicken, but more succulent and flavorful. Strict all-grain diet, no antibiotics or hormones. Humanely raised free range on small family farms. Air chilled for better flavor and marinade absorption.

Twelve 2-Breast packs, ~10 lbs total. Origin: North Carolina