Venison 8-Rib Rack - avg. 2.5 lbs

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Venison Racks add elegance and sophistication to any plate. The meat has an excellent balance between flavor and tenderness. Racks can be roasted in the oven, or cut into single or double bone chops that can be broiled, grilled or pan-seared. Works with a wide variety of cuisines.

Venison (deer meat) is lean, naturally tender and darker in color than beef with a sweet, robust flavor. Farmed venison is much more tender than wild venison and without its intensely gamey flavor. Silver Fern Farms Venison is 100% grass-fed and finished, raised free range on massive New Zealand pastures; no antibiotics, growth hormones or GMOs. Extremely low levels of fat - significantly less than skinless chicken - and lower in cholesterol than beef or lamb, while being high in iron and zinc. Typically cooked to rare or medium rare.

Four ~2.5 lbs racks, ~10 lbs total. Origin: New Zealand