Wild Boar Belly - avg. 6 lbs

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While more familiarly processed into bacon or pancetta, Wild Boar Belly is a well marbled, flavorful cut that becomes moist, tender and succulent when braised or slow roasted. It can also be cured and smoked for bacon.

This Wild Boar is truly wild caught in the hill country of Texas. It has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor thanks to the animals' natural diet of acorns, hickory nuts, pecans and roots. Wild Boar has a richer and more robust flavor than farmed “wild” boar or conventional pork. All natural, no hormones or antibiotics. Wild Boar meat is leaner than conventional pork, so most cuts will cook more quickly.

SOld by each ~6 lbs or by case of two Bellies ~12 lbs. Origin: Texas